We offer the Shazam® Chek Card and Shazam® ATM Card. Withdrawals can be done at any of our three banking locations.

Williamsville State Bank & Trust

512 W. Main Street, Williamsville, IL

480 S. Crossing Drive, Sherman, IL

3341 Old Jacksonville Road, Springfield, IL

To locate the nearest FREE Privileged Status ATM in your area, log into:

  • At Privileged Status – provide city and state – then Enter
  • If a pop up screen comes on and shows no locations – close out of pop up screen
  • Then go to upper left of screen
  • Enter city and state
  • Choose radius in miles from drop down menu
  • Click Search


You can download a Shazam®brella app today at the Apple App Store or Google Play. Identifying potential fraud, monitoring accounts, and finding ATMs is easier and faster with Shazam®brella.