Other Services

In-Touch Phone Banking

Access your account by phone 24 hours a day! In-Touch Banking lets you get balance information, make fund transfers, get rate information and utilize the stop pay feature all by simply dialing the phone. Williamsville State Bank and Trust makes banking so convenient!

Just call (217) 566-2833 to reach our phone banking service and register to bank by phone.

Safe Deposit Boxes

There are some things you just want to keep safe. From favorite heirlooms to special papers, we can help with a variety of safety deposit boxes at our Williamsville, Sherman and Springfield bank locations. We offer seven sizes of boxes to choose from, with annual charges ranging from $20 to $300 dollars depending on box size. Williamsville State Bank and Trust has been providing a safe place for savings and special items for over 120 years! Box size and availability varies with location.

MasterMoney Debit Card

Withdraw your account funds without writing a check! You can use your debit card wherever MasterCard is accepted. The Master Money Debit Card does require approval and an active checking account at Williamsville State Bank and Trust.

Bank Statements and Transactions on CD

What a convenience for business and personal banking customers! Let Williamsville State Bank and Trust burn you a transaction CD disc playable in your computer with complete transaction information. See front and back images of not only your checks, but of checks you deposit from others! A great way to keep accurate records of your transactions through digital imaging! We can burn transaction discs, monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually.

Monthly discs are priced at $5, quarterly at $12.50, semiannually at $25 and annually at $40. No business should be without…a great way to back-up, restore and safeguard transactional information!

Automatic Transfer

Regularly and automatically transfer a fixed amount of funds from your checking account to your savings account or vice versa! Have mortgage payments made to your Williamsville State Bank and Trust mortgage account on a regular automatic basis. Automatic Transfer moves the predetermined amount of funds on the same day each month so you don’t have to!

Target Balance Transfer (Sweep)

Customers who wish to prevent their primary checking account from going below a designated balance can authorize the bank to transfer funds from another account to their primary checking account when the balance reaches a certain level. Available for both business and personal accounts. What a great way to keep that checking account properly funded! Each sweep has a two dollar charge.