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Safety Tips
When visiting our web site we recommend that you access our site by directly typing in our address. We do NOT recommend you reach our bank site via links from other websites. A link is a short cut where you do not see the true address you are going to, until you are there. Our web address will be at the top of your web page on your computer. When doing Internet Banking the web address will change to the web address for Aurora Online Banking, our Internet service provider. That link created from our site is safe.

If you ever have any safety or security concerns, give us a call at (217) 698-9728, our home office in Williamsville.

Williamsville State Bank and Trust WILL NEVER ask for personal information, passwords or other security or private information on the Internet or by phone which would give access to your accounts. Our bank staff will always contact you from one of our banking offices at the phones or addresses below.

3341 Old Jacksonville Road
480 S Crossing Drive
512 W Main Street
The Chamber Sherman Area Chamber of Commerce Sherman Area Chamber of Commerce Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender