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Making Online Purchases Safer With SecureCode
Williamsville State Bank & Trust and MasterCard have teamed together to bring you a safer method for making purchases online. With the launch of this new level of security called SecureCode, you can be assured that your safety is our priority.

Keep in mind that Williamsville State Bank & Trust will never contact you asking for your SecureCode or any other personal information. If you suspect your information may have been compromised, call the bank immediately at (217) 698-9728. For after hours assistance on lost/stolen credit cards call 1-800-383-8000.

What is SecureCode? When making a purchase at a registered website with your Williamsville State Bank & Trust MasterMoney Debit or Credit Card, a window will pop up asking for your personalized alphanumeric SecureCode, just like using a PIN at the ATM. How do you register for your SecureCode? Simply click on the icon below to take you directly to MasterCard's secure website for instructions.

How will you know that the pop-up box is secure? When the box pops up asking for your SecureCode, the Williamsville State Bank & Trust logo will be at the top along with a personalized greeting that you set. If either of these is missing from the box, do not proceed and call the bank.

Want more information? Feel free to call us at (217) 698-9728. Also, frequently asked questions, lists of participating merchants, and even a demo are all available on MasterCard's website at https://shazam.cardianlcommerce.com/cardservices.

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