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Bank News

Debit and ATM Cards
Debit and ATM cards at WSBT are taking on a new look. We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering the Shazam® Check Card and Shazam ATM Card. Both the Shazam Check Card and the Shazam ATM card will have the same features as your existing card. We are also excited to offer an extensive surcharge free ATM Network. The following is a listing of ATMs that can be accessed without a service charge for your convenience;

Williamsville State Bank & Trust
512 W Main Street, Williamsville, IL
480 S Crossing Drive, Sherman, IL
3341 Old Jacksonville Road, Springfield, IL

Other locations by address:
105 E Hargrave, Athens, IL
6530 N State Route 29, Springfield, IL
14202 Illinois 97, Petersburg, IL
420 E Sangamon, Petersburg, IL

615 W Jefferson Street, Springfield, IL
2120 Peoria Road, Springfield, IL
120 S Chatham Road, Springfield, IL
3200 W Illes Ave, Springfield, IL
120 Illini Boulevard, Sherman, IL
303 W Main Street, Mechanicsburg, IL
133 W Dodds Street, Divernon, IL
120 Governor Oglesby, Elkhart, IL
Route 4 and Jefferson, Auburn, IL

Apollo Mart
6490 North Walnut, Springfield, IL

Seaney’s Produce
100 Corvette Drive, Sherman, IL

Boar’s Nest
1000 N State Route 29, Athens, IL

New Salem Fast Stop
14178 State Highway 97, Petersburg, IL


Check 21 and Check Imaging
Since September 2004, Williamsville State Bank and Trust has moved to check imaging in order to help expedite check processing under the new Check 21 legislation. Under prior banking rules, banks had to receive the actual paper check back in order to complete the checking process and permit payment. The crisis on September 11, 2001 brought about the change as airlines were grounded and checks could not be easily transported from one bank to another. Under the new legislation, banks rely on the images of checks rather than the actual paper.

One of the benefits of the new check imaging technology is the ability to have WSB&T prepare CD image discs of your banking transactions. There is a small charge to help us cover time and expense in creating the disc. Imaging can be done on a time frame convenient for your personal and business needs. We think this service will probably be most helpful to our business customers because it provides a complete transactional record, with check fronts and backs as well as including all deposit and other transactional information. If you’re interested in prepared CD image discs of your banking transactions just give Rick Edwards a call at 698-9728. Rick will be glad to help!

FDIC Insurance
Williamsville State Bank & Trust is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and your deposits at our bank are insured up to the maximum limits allowed by law. You can be confident that your insured deposits are safe. FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. If you have any concerns about how much FDIC coverage you have, get the facts from one of our representatives today.

In addition to a staff dedicated to helping you with all your questions, you can also visit the FDIC's website for more information at: www.fdic.gov. If you would like to calculate your own insurance coverage you can utilize the FDIC's online "Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator" at www2.fdic.gov/edie. Finally, you can also speak directly with an FDIC specialist by calling 1-877-ASK-FDIC.

FDIC Limits have been permanently raised to $250,000 as of July 21st, 2010.

3341 Old Jacksonville Road
480 S Crossing Drive
512 W Main Street