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Business Checking

Regular Commercial Checking

The Regular Commercial Checking Account requires a $1,000 minimum balance to avoid a monthly maintenance fee. This type of account is usually assigned to those businesses who have less than 100 items per statement cycle.


  • Itemized monthly statement
  • A wide selection of business checks available
  • Low monthly balance requirement

Commercial Sweep Accounts

The Commercial Sweep Account is designed for a business that wants the potential to earn interest on its money. After a target balance is determined, based on the needs of your business, any funds above that established balance are swept into an overnight fund automatically. These overnight funds have potential of earning a higher interest rate than a typical interest bearing account.


  • Weekly Statements (upon request)
  • No monthly or annual fee

Commercial NOW Account

This account is only for sole proprietors, governmental units and not-for-profit organizations. This account requires a daily balance of $1,500 or more is maintained during the month to avoid a monthly service charge. A NOW Account has unlimited check writing privileges. Interest will not accrue on balances less than $1,500 and the interest rate is subject to change weekly at the bank's discretion.


  • Interest is compounded monthly at your statement cycle

Commercial Checking with Account Analysis

The Commercial Account Analysis plan allows the commercial customer to offset maintenance and activity fees by maintaining balances on deposit. The balance would earn an allowance that is based on the average Fed Fund Rate for the previous month and is calculated on the account's average investable balance for the month. High balance accounts with available funds may have a high enough earnings allowance to offset their service charges. This account is for accounts with a large amount of checks written or deposited (100 or more each month).


  • Monthly or Bi-monthly statements
  • Weekly statements are available for an extra fee
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